Product Offering

Rising Stars Opportunity Fund

The objective of the scheme is capital appreciation in the medium term to long term by investing in cherry picked stocks mostly in the Mid and Small cap space.

The portfolio focuses primarily on a buy and hold strategy at most times. The ideas are chosen from a long term point of view after thorough research.

Ideal for investors with a 3 year or longer investment horizon.

Multi-Cap Fund

This fund will offer investors an optimal blend between safety and liquidity of large caps and the greater return prospects of mid-cap and small cap names.

The weight between large caps and mid-caps will be adjusted dynamically depending on our view of risk adjusted returns in all categories.

The fund will continue to focus on our research strengths. Our portfolio will be a buy and hold strategy that focuses on ensuring long term compounded return to investors.

Why Choose Valentis ?

Client centric approach

The founders would invest in the same fund with you.

Our interests are aligned with yours

Performance fees incentivizes superior performance

Our skin is in the game

The founders would invest in the same fund with you.

Flexible solutions

We are happy to work with you to find customized solutions to your investment needs.

Strong pedigree and financial market experience

The founder has over 30 years experience in the financial industry and has successfully carved a niche for research based, non-consensus views.